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How to run Backtrack on Windows using VMware


Backtrack on Windows

We can install any operating system over any operating system. For example, we can run Linux on Windows operating system.

Now coming to the topic,

To install backtrack OS on Windows, you need to download VMware software and Backtrack operating system. It is a Linux based operating system. After downloading and installing VMware, open the application and click on ” Create a new virtual machine ” as shown below

home screen of vmware


Now a new installation wizard will open up, select ” custom ” option and click NEXT.

vm ware wizard


Now it will ask to set the hardware compatibility, just click NEXT. Then it will prompt to enter the directory where the setup file of the operating system ( i.e., backtrack ). Set the directory and click NEXT.

directory browsing


Select the name of the guest operating system ( i.e., select the operating system you want to run on VMware, in this case it is backtrack so select Ubuntu ) and the path where you want your virtual machine to be installed on your computer, then click NEXT.

name of guest


Now set allocate the processor to your virtual machine. The values must be set according to your processor configuration.

set the processor config


Then set the RAM space for your virtual machine and again it is also depends upon your system configuration.

ram space


Choose the network setting, but NAT is recommended and click NEXT

set the network settings


Select the I/O controller type according to your system capacity and click NEXT.

set the i/o bus

Select the virtual disk type and click NEXT.

set the hard disk type


In select disk options select ” Create a new virtual disk ” and then click NEXT.

set the disk


Then it will ask you to set the hard disk capacity for your virtual machine, set the space you want and click NEXT [ In case of installing windows, you must allocate high storage space ].

set the disk space


Specify disk file will appear, just click NEXT and click FINISH.



Now  to start the created virtual machine, click on ” Power on this virtual machine “.

start the machine


Now the machine will start the backtrack OS that we installed.



VMware supports all operating systems, we can run any OS on any system. To learn more about virtualization click [button color=”red” size=”small” link=”” target=”blank” ]HERE[/button]

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1 Comment

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