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Samsung Galaxy S II and Ace ban upheld

Dutch Appeals Court upholds the ban on Samsung Galaxy S II and Galaxy Ace

There was a sales ban ordered by lower Dutch court in 2011 and now Dutch Appeals Court has upheld the ban on Samsung. It banned the sales of Samsung Galaxy S II and Galaxy Ace in Netherlands since they intruded the patents of Apple.

Both the devices are still banned from selling despite the appeal. Anyway those two smartphones are three years old and it wouldn’t result in any financial crisis for Samsung in European countries.

Recently the firm was ordered to pay Apple $119.6 million for intruding the copyrights of Apple and this is unlikely to end soon.

samsung vs Apple

Lately, European Union took some measures to calm down the patent wars by making that tablet and smartphone makers will no longer seek ban against their rivals whom they have signed patent agreements with. We hope that it will put a stop to this patent war.

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