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Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge added a stand appeal

Stand appeal design of Samsung’s Galaxy S6 Edge

Usually we will see concept design about devices but today its different, we are going to see about Stand design for devices Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. The design comes from the popular Jermaine Smit. It is quite a perfect match for his earlier Samsung Galaxy S6 render. Now that Samsung has added a stand appeal.



The designer is come up with many impressive design concepts back in September and now he has developed his earlier idea of stand accessory for Galaxy S6 Edge.

Samsung-Galaxy-S6-Edge-design stand

As you see when the device is placed in stand it displays time, notifications, calls etc. Also Smit said that it will support wireless charging, speakers and a projector.


I personally think that this a very good design from Smit. So visitors, do you think that is it good or think that nobody cares for a stand. Please share your thoughts in comment section below.

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