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No silent mode in Android 5.0


Silent mode disabled in Android 5.0

For those who installed the latest Android 5.0 Lollipop on their Nexus smartphone might discovered that with the latest update the silent mode has been pulled off. In KitKat powered devices we can just lower the volume to zero and it will automatically turn to vibration mode and there comes silent state. But with Android 5.0 turning down the volume to zero it goes to vibration mode but does not go lower than that.

However in Nexus 9 the silent mode function still works although not in a typical manner. On HTC users can reduce the volume to 0 to go into vibrate mode and by hitting up the volume up toggle button all the volumes has been set to zero.( P.S. the alarms will work )

We are not yet sure that whether this is some kind of error or it is the way that Lollipop has design will be known eventually when Google is releasing the further updates on Android 5.0. There is some workaround to make your android device go silent. Hit the increase volume button to one and reboot the device and this will allow the device to go into silent mode as in Nexus 9. This means that user have to reboot their android device every time they want to make their devices go silent.

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And as soon as there is any more info on this topic we will let you know and don’t forget to comment below.

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