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Sony is struggling to match demand for Sony PS4 in Europe


Sony PS4 has more demands for holiday season in European market

Sony Computer Entertainment’s head office, Japanese Electronic Group division says that, during this holiday season the demand for its Sony PS4 is very high in European countries and they are struggling to meet those demands.

CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment, Andrew House spoke to Reuters that when they look at Europe, for the second year running its going to be inventory challenged.

Though House didn’t mention any specific numbers but said that they Sony is doing its best to boost the production of Sony PS4 to deal with the high demand from customers.

Andrew House said that ” i won’t say that you might not be able to find a Sony PS4 but it will be be kind of hands to mouth in the term of this market.

He also stated that the sales of Sony PS4 during December for United States were firm’s expectations but conditions has changed due to low pricing from its competitors in previous month.

Sony’s rival Microsoft has offered high discount in United States for its Xbox One in previous month. The Japanese market is changed since more users prefer to play games on their phone rather than video game consoles.

Sony PS4 launched in Europe and United States last year in November and has now sold more than 13 million devices worldwide till September which makes this the fastest selling play station since its launch in 1994.

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