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Spigen reveals the cases for upcoming LG G3

Cases for upcoming LG G3 revealed by Spigen

The famous cell phone case manufacturer has recently revealed the range of cases for the upcoming smartphone from LG named LG G3.

This includes three range of cases and two screen guards. The most important thing is that you can see the picture of the smartphone which looks identical to the leaked images.

Screen protector costs about $39.99 and $13.99. The G3 case unit ultra fit costs $14.99, G3 Case Slim Armor costs $24.99 and G3 case ultra hybrid costs $19.99. They are available in different colors and combinations can be studied from the picture below.

spigen -  LG G3


The official release of LG G3 is about a week away. Though we already wrote an article about this smartphone’s information, full details and review of this device will be updated in a week’s time.

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