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Spotlight Story animated shorts for all Android devices

Spotlight Story animated shorts will be available for all android devices by 2015

Along with other things, Motorola Moto X was blessed for Motorola’s Spotlight Story animated shorts. They are interactive from very boots to some random points. The first one was Windy day and then Buggy night came along. This was very limited to Motorola gadgets. However, now it will become available to all Android devices by 2015. The reason is that it belongs to ATAP (Advanced Technologies and Products) section that Google kept back when they sold Motorola to Lenovo.

animated stories for android

The upcoming animated is Duet. Glen Keane, Disney animator is developing the animation that shows how two people fall in love but starts from a meeting at young age. This animated short will become available for Moto X first and by the end of this year it will be available for all other devices. Later in 2015, a live action of animated short of Spotlight Story will be released.

Motorola’s Spotlight Story

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