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Switch to old chrome’s new tab page


How to bring back chrome’s old new tab

Chrome is one of the best browser in the browsers family and also quite fast compared to others. Recently its new tab page has been changed which is not appreciated by most of its fans, so this post is to show how to bring back the old “new tab” page in the browser without downgrading its version.

You also can see this tutorial in video below.

new tab


Okay lets begin, first open your chrome browser and type ” chrome://flags ” and press enter 


Now the flags page open, scroll down and navigate to ” Enable Instant Extended API “. It will be set to  “default” go ahead and change it to ” disabled

api disabled- chrome

Now a message to relaunch the application will be displayed at left bottom corner, click ” relaunch now ” and Tada, now the new tab page in chrome is back in the current version of your browser.

old tab

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