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Tyrannosaurus Rex (T-Rex) is a predator


Tyrannosaurus rex (T-Rex) have been reveled as a predator.Scientists had found a tooth that belonged to the depraved tyrannosaurus rex dinosaur,which is considered as a strong evidence that tyrannosaurus rex was indeed a predator and it isn’t scavenger as few scientists suggested.

Tyrannosaurus Rex have been the most dangerous and depraved living thing to live on earth during the dinosaur’s age .Despite for more than years,few paleontologists suggested that tyrannosaurus rex was a scavenger and not a true or an actual predator.

David Burnham said that “Tyrannosaurus rex is the monster of our dreams.Since it was found in Montana in the early 1900’s, there has been a debate whether these dinosaurs were scavengers or predators”.

“The scientific proof for predation has been very limited but people think that Tyrannosaurus rex were predators.We found lots of dinosaurs with tooth marks on them that have been chewed up by something.These large carnivores animals fed on other dinosaurs.But were the eaten while alive or dead? This is the point where the debate started. Where is the proof for hunting?”

At present,Burnham and his team have physical proof that tyrannosaurus rex was a predator.Burnham and his team mates found a tyrannosaurus rex tooth lodged in the fossolised backbone of a dinosaur that seems to have escaped from the attack.Previous evidence for predation included tyrannosaurus rex the bones of a young ceratopsian.Though,there was no strong proof to finalize whether the dinosaur was dead or alive when the tyrannosaurus rex made a bite of it.By comparing, Burnham said that the tooth is a strong evidence, after scaling the size and the length of its teeth to assure that it arrive from the mouth of a tyrannosaurus rex.

“The tooth matched just exactly with tyrannosaurus rex the Hell Creek Formation.We recognize we had a tyrannosaurus rex tooth in the tail of a dinosaur and it must got away or escaped because in the observance it is seen that bone has started to heal.Possibly it might been perused by a tyrannosaurus rex when it was gnawed”.said David Burnham.  

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