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Windows 8 hidden features

Windows 8

Windows 8 shortcut keys and hidden features

Windows 8

 Windows 8 has many features compared to the previous version of windows 7. It has new features like Metro UI , Start Screen, Ribbons in Windows Explorer, Windows live syncing, improved search function, speedy booting etc.

Now to know about the hidden functions, Though Microsoft has removed the start button it has a hidden QRM ( Quick Access Menu ).

1) QRM menu

For accessing QRM move your mouse cursor to the lower left corner and right click to get the QRM menu where you can access all features. Also we can open it by pressing the shortcut key  Win key + X

QRM menu

QRM menu

2) Screenshot 

Windows 7 also has screenshot option by pressing PrntScr button and go to paint and press Ctrl + V and then saving it to your folder. But in the new version of the operating system we can directly save the screenshot without opening paint. For doing it press  Win key + PrntScr. Now the screenshot is saved in the following directory  “C:\Users\username\Pictures\Screenshots”

3) Access Safe Mode 

To boot the operating system in safe mode we need to press F8 in windows7 but in windows8 the shortcut key is Shift + F8. 

4) Start Screen

In windows 8 the start screen is not displayed but it is a hidden feature, When you place the  mouse cursor on the bottom left corner start screen thumbnail  is displayed.

5)Application Folder 

Access the hidden application folder directly from desktop by entering the following command in CMD [ command prompt ] as administrator.

   explorer shell:::{4234d49b-0245-4df3-b780-3893943456e1}

6)Few Useful Hotkeys

Win key + C – Opens Charms Bar

Win key + I – Opens Settings panel

Win key + K – Launches Devices charm

Win key + H – Share charm gets launched

Win key + W –  Settings search gets launched

Win key + Tab – Shows Metro apps switcher

Win key + Z – Hides/shows  Apps bar at Start Screen

Win key +, – Magnifier

Win key + Enter – Narrator gets launched

Win Key + D – Switch to desktop.








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