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Windows Phone 9 expected to be out by 2015

Windows Phone 9 concept

Windows Phone 8.1 is released recently and yet we got some information about the next Windows Phone 9. From the report, a leaked document revealed the company’s roadmap for the next year (2015) and Microsoft is planning to release Windows Phone 9 preview in 2015 around Q2 or Q3.

The official release of windows 9 phone is expected to be available for the devices by next year’s end. Also preview for Windows 9 operating system for desktop version will be released by the time.

windows phone 9

If this leaked information is correct then we are seeing a shorter time period for the major release of the Windows Phone. Microsoft has taken 17 months to release Windows Phone 8.1 after the release of Windows Phone 8 and as per the leaked document it might take 16 months to release WP 9.

There are no details about the features included in windows Phone 9 but windows phone 8.1 brought some good features so we have to wait and see what changes does Microsoft plans with their next big release.

Also the Windows Phone 9 will be made compatible with current Windows Phone devices. Previously, WP8 was available only for new devices but not for Windows Phone 7 devices.

windows 9 phone

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