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Windows phone oversells iPhone

windows outsell iphone

In Romania Windows phone oversells iPhone

Recently Romanian newspaper gives a report from research company GfK, that tells Windows phone is now holding more number of share in the market that iOS in Romania. It holds about 10% of share in the market. Sure, it is not very high but it outsells iOS in Romania. The carriers Vodafone and Cosmote mobile and Microsoft also accepted that the information is true.


windows phone outsell iphone

Bogdan Lerescu who is the Head of Terminals at Vodafone Romania to ZF said that the total number of sales of windows smart phones are four times higher than 2012 in the year 2013 and also Vodafone is the second largest mobile carrier in Romania. At the end of the year ( 2013), the research firm Kantar Worldpanel affirmed that the windows phone has 10% in Europe. Seems that Apple doesn’t much favored in Europe.


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