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Google announces what it paid to the man who owned for a minute logo

Google reveals how much they paid to Sanmay Ved, the man who owned for one minute

Google recently announced how much the firm paid the man who owned the domain for one minute. Sanmay Ved was the one who owned for a minute during the month of September, 2015.

Sanmay Ved who was an ex-Googler was searching for Google domains found that the domain name “” was available and he brought it for $12 and gained access to the domain’s web master tools before Google cancelled the sale of that domain. After that he was paid $6006. 13 for giving up the domain name.

Then Sanmay Ved who was a resident of Mandvi (Kutch region) said that it wasn’t about money, he wanted to donate the money for Art of Living India Foundation.

Following that Google on a blog post said that Sanmay Ved was able to own for a minute was given $6006. 13 (which is spelled as google numerically). But we (i.e google) decided to double his reward when he donated his money to charity.

ved owned for one minute

Sanmay Ved on his LinkedIn page said that he wanted to donate his reward to Art of Living’s education program. Art of Living runs more than 400 schools across 18 states in India providing education to more than 39K students who live in rural and tribal areas for free where poverty and child labor is spread widely.

Google also said that researchers across the world from Poland, Great Britain, US, Russia, India, Brazil, Germany, China, Israel and Romania participated in their security rewards program.

The firm said that Tomasz Bojarski was their most prolific researcher of the year 2015 where he found 70 bugs on Google. In the year 2015 Google has spend more than $2 million in rewards to over 300 researchers. The largest reward was a single payment of $37, 500 to an Android security researcher.

It is also notable that during the month of December, 2105, Google has announced that they are dedicating $1 million dollars specifically for security research related to Google Drive.

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