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How to stop Facebook videos from autoplaying

autoplaying videos

Save your data usage by keeping Facebook videos from autoplaying

Recently Facebook has introduced a new feature which plays the videos shared or posted on your wall automatically. This is actually a great feature if you are using a high speed WiFi connection or have a generous data plan for your device. But for some people, it is really annoying that videos start playing when they are just scrolling down without any warning.

Some of those shared or posted videos may not be be likely to be watched by you for some reasons, in those cases users find it really difficult to get rid of autoplaying videos. It is actually quite simple but it may not be found at first glance. Whether you use Facebook from desktop or iOS app or Android app we will show you how to disable them on each platform.

autoplaying videos

Disabling autoplaying videos on desktop website

  • Login to your Facebook profile
  • Go to Setting by clicking on the down arrow button placed on top right corner
  • After clicking the settings, click on videos tab (You will find it at the bottom on the left navigation bar)
  • Then on the right side you will be displayed with setting related to videos, click on DEFAULT button right next to autoplay videos and select OFF

That’s it, you have disabled autoplaying videos for desktop website.

Disabling autoplaying videos on Android app

  • Go into your Facebook app on your smartphone or tablet
  • Tap on the menu icon (three horizontal lines)
  • Find the app settings and select it
  • Tap on the video auto play option
  • Select OFF for autoplaying videos

Disabling autoplaying videos on iPhone app

  • Tap on the more icon (three horizontal lines placed at bottom right corner)
  • Find the option settings by scrolling down
  • Tap of account settings
  • Now find Videos and Photos and tap it
  • Tap on auto play and select Never auto play videos to stop Facebook from autoplaying videos

Disabling autoplaying videos on iPad app (procedure is same as iPhone)

  • Similar to iPhone, tap on the more labelled icon (three horizontal lines placed at bottom right corner)
  • Scroll down and select settings options
  • Go to account settings and select Videos and Photos
  • Tap on auto play and select Never auto play videos
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