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Golden UX Rules for Startups to Build Attractive user experiences


“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like,
Design is how it works”

– Steve Jobs

With startups being the latest trend in the technological sector, being able to provide the best user experience is the most significant part of any application. The demand for developers and designers has increased many folds in the last few years.

This has led to a decline in average quality of work. Many startups and new apps cannot provide the ideal UX. This makes the apps confusing, annoying and difficult to use. So if you are an entrepreneur, trying to make it big, this article is for you.


Here are the most important UX Rules for Startups:

 1. Adhere to the basics

This might sound dumb to you, after all the amazing ideas you just had. But this is one of the most significant UX rules- Never try to reinvent the wheel. Users love it when they don’t have to go through something all over. Your UX should be easy to understand, and to do this you should bear in mind the existing UX standards. Keep it simple and don’t waver from the industry standard.

2. Know your users

Many startups can’t differentiate their customers and get stuck from the perspective of a certain type of user. DO NOT  BE THAT GUY!! Have a proper insight into your users’ demands. What might look appealing to one section might not fare well with the other. Obviously, you cannot please every faction of the society but it is important to create a UX which most of them can relate to.

3. Be consistent

Try to make your layouts less complex. Complexity leads to confusion which further leads to irritation. And you certainly do not want to make your customer angry. As Rule No. 1 clearly stated, adhere to standard designs. When used poorly, the basic UI aspects stand out and make the UX all the worse. Make the UX consistent across all aspects of the application. Only waver if utterly needed.

4. Always keep updating

You won’t get any feedback like the user feedback. Do not ignore it and keep making your application better. Do not ever think that the UX development is finished once the project is online. Always keep improving. Keep adding new features. Try to inculcate new trends in the UX. But keep it consistent. Do not waiver from the standard design.


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