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UI vs UX – Differences between Interface and Experience

ui vs ux

UI vs UX – Are they both different? YES

For years, beginners have been confusing UI and UX. While these two are entirely different entities, they work alongside and are both important for a business’s growth. As a developer, you too would have wondered many times about the difference between UI and UX.

ui vs ux

Simply put UI or User Interface defines how things look whereas UX defines how things work. Now, these “things” can be any element from a simple link to a scrollbar.

Now, UI is a broad field. It includes anything you see on a web page. It is a combination of content, elements, and their behavior. The main task of a UI designer is to create an artistic and beautiful and engaging User Interface while being able to stimulate an emotional response from the user. The more appealing a website, the more customers it attracts.

ui vs ux

UX-UI.png” alt=”ui vs ux” width=”1000″ height=”720″ /> Roles of UI and UX Designers[/caption]

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UI is built around the UX (usually)

User Experience has more focus these days. Efficiency is the name of the game. The UX is coded first; then the UI is built around it. Many companies and businesses are understanding the importance of user experience and customer satisfaction. UX is one way of working towards that approach.

Conclusion – UI vs UX

ui vs ux

We have seen already that it is almost impossible to separate UI and UX and if anything we have understood the basic difference between the two.

  • The main purpose of UX design is to help users accomplish meaningful tasks.
  • UI design is significant to make appealing interfaces to emotionally connect with users.
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