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Why NodeJS has become the new trend among developers?

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Ever since its inception, NodeJS has taken the world by storm. It is the most preferred framework at the moment and about 98% of Fortune 500 company use it primarily.

Various readers have asked me – what is so different about that it sees such success? So, why is NodeJS better? Let’s start to answer this question by first exploring the framework.

So, what is NodeJS?

The JavaScript framework has been built on Chrome’s JavaScript Runtime. It also uses the same V8 engine, used in Chrome. Also it is an open source environment that offers event-driven architecture. It is perfect for handling a large number of users and any company that expects growth should start out in using this.

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4 Major reasons why NodeJS is preferred over other technologies:

#1. Speed

The JavaScript execution is fast in NodeJS apps. Hence, powerful and scalable apps can be built more easily. Multiple client requests are handled efficiently using the single threaded model.

Due to the presence of the event loop, it does not require multiple threads to handle client requests. All these factors lead to less memory consumption and fast apps. This is a major advantage in favor of NodeJS.

#2. NPM

Sharing is Caring. This could be the unofficial motto of NodeJS. The frameworks’s repository, The Node Package Manager(NPM), of over 50000 packages, which helps the developers in creating dynamic apps efficiently. Even the open source community comes to the rescue when a developer faces a problem.

#3. Asynchronous

Due to its asynchronous nature, it is easy to tackle I/O bound tasks. With its event-driven architecture, the apps become highly efficient. It also uses UNIX Pipes as data streams to enable easy reading of data from the source and send the data to the destination.

#4. Real-Time Applications

NodeJS is highly suited to make real-time web applications. It uses various different packages to enable such functioning. For a large number of users, event-based and non-blocking driven servers are used to suit various real-time users.

The above mentioned are not the only reasons for the popularity of NodeJS. Its ability to adapt to times and the open source community are also major contributing factors towards its development.

The companies that are using it are also a testament to its ability. Hence, if you are trying to build a real-time application or just starting out with a business with a potential for growth, NodeJS is the framework to use.

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