WordPress REST API – What It Is? | A Simple Overview

What Is WordPress REST API?

If you are a WordPress blogger or are looking to become one you might’ve heard about the WordPress REST API. If you’re not an experienced developer, you may have little insight as to what WordPress REST API actually is.

While we won’t be going deep into the technical details, the general idea and basic concepts behind it are easy enough to grasp. This new API simply helps expand (to an extent) what WordPress as a platform can do. The REST API makes it somewhat simpler for the developers to connect WordPress with other sites and applications.

APIs, in general, are excellent tools, and are relevant to your day-to-day work.According to WordPress itself, the Rest API was developed because it is moving towards becoming a “fully-fledged application framework”.

wordpress rest api

In simpler words, the REST API enables the platform to effectively interact with other sites and web applications. The REST API allows developers to choose the most effective way to implement each task. It elevates them fro, the confined spaces of specific technologies such as PHP or the WordPress back end. Third party integrations have become much easier with the introduction of the Rest API.

You can start experimenting with the REST API as soon as you have a WordPress website. You can put out various GET requests simply by using your browser.

  • The REST API Handbook is the official WordPress documentation of information about the REST API. There you might find the details on some of the REST API’s structural aspects that will really help you find your way through this API.
  • W3Schools tutorials aren’t REST API-specific. Rather, they offer handy tutorials on various topics that can help you get up to date on key concepts, such as HTTP methods and JSON.
  • The Ultimate Guide to the WordPress REST API is a free e-book from WP Engine. The book contains a great amount of information on how to implement the API and examples. It also walks the reader through achieving several basic to more advanced tasks.

These are only some of the resources that will help you around the WordPress Rest API. As always, Google will be there to the rescue if you face any problems. There are also a number of other resources that you may find online to better understand this technology.

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